(1907-1999) Octavio Medellin was an influential sculptor who taught at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts and Southern Methodist University and also founded the Medellin School of Sculpture and the Creative Arts Center of Dallas.

Born in Mexico, Medellin arrived in San Antonio, Texas in 1920. After attending night classes at the San Antonio School of Art, Medellin made his way to Chicago where he worked at the Palmer House to finance classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. After a brief stay back in Mexico studying native crafts, Medellin opened La Vallita Art Gallery in San Antonio and taught at the Witte Museum. Relocating to Denton for a teaching position at North Texas State College Medellin went on to spend more than two decades teaching at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts

Medellin’s sculpture was exhibited in the 1936 Texas Centennial, the 1939 New York World’s Fair and at the Museum of Modern Art. His glass work and mosaics are installed in the Neiman Marcus’ Zodiac Room and the Mercantile Bank Building in Dallas. His 1960 windows removed from Trinity Lutheran Church have been installed at Dallas City Performance Hall and in a lobby at Dallas Love Field. Several of Medellin’s works can be viewed in the Jerry Bywaters Collections Wing at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

A retrospective was held early in 2016 at the Latino Cultural Center.

Octavio Medellin’s Prometheus sculpture at North Lake College Near Dallas