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“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol

Kazuya Sakai

Kazuyu Sakai

(1927-2001) Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and educated in Japan, Kazuya Sakai spent the last years of his career teaching at the University of Texas, Dallas. Sakai studied literature and philosophy at the Waseda University in Tokyo before returning to Argentina where he began painting. The following year his first exhibition was held at the La Cueva Gallery there. Sakai spent time in New York and Mexico, where he abandoned gestural painting in favor of geometric forms. His work was exhibited widely in the U.S., Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Costa Rica. His art is held by the Museo de Arte Moderno in Tokyo, Japan; Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, Brazil and the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin where the work Filles de Kilimanjaro pays homage to Miles Davis. An exhibit of his work was held at MACBA in Buenos Aires in late 2013.

If you have additional information on Sakai, particularly his time in Dallas, please contact us.

Kazuyu Sakai

Sakai at an opening at UTD (seeking names of others shown) Maryanne Meltzer is second from left.

Kazuyu Sakai

Sakai with work by Maryanne Meltzer

Filles de Kilimanjaro by Kazuya Sakai, Blanton Museum in Austiin

Filles de Kilimanjaro by Kazuya Sakai, Blanton Museum in Austin