Arthello Beck Jr. (1941 – 2004) Born in Dallas and a longtime resident of Oak Cliff, Arthello Beck received his only art education at Lincoln High School. He eventually became a full-time artist and often painted scenes of places he had visited and is also known for his works from the 1960s dealing with the American Civil Rights Movement.

In 1972, Beck established the Arthello Beck Gallery, which became a centerpiece of the Dallas area art scene in the 1970s and 80s. He was also one of the founders of the Southwest Black Artists Guild.

Beck’s paintings and sketches were among those included in a touring exhibition of athlete Grant Hill’s collection of African-American artists.

His Cypress Trees is installed as a 20 foot circular floor medallion in the the Departure Level Concourse of DFW airport. He died before he could see the work installed.

As depicted in my paintings, all humans have grace, beauty and culture that are to be shared, treasured and appreciated.”

Arthello Beck Cypress Trees DFW Airport